Woodlands vegetarian Indian Cuisine


Woodlands vegetarian Indian Cuisine – Official Website

Woodlands serves a vast, all-vegetarian menu and delicious meat also. Woodlands’ week-day lunch buffet is  well stocked with soup,,salad and an array of traditional South Indian dishes.


Woodlands originated the Southeastern coastal town of Udipi, India. It is unique location made famous by historical Hindu Temples built centuries ago that attract visitors and luminaries worldwide.


In the surrounding area the land is rich and fertile and is therefore ideally suitable for farming. The vicinity abounds in a plentiful supply of fresh vegetables and fruits, which are not only into the cuisine, but form the basis of the most popular dishes.


Woodland’s food is spicy less subtle and rice is staple of the diet.  Udipi has become internationally acclaimed as a center in devising superb authentic vegetarian Indian Cuisine .

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