The Whiskey restaurant in Orlando


The Whiskey restaurant in Orlando – Official Website 

7563 W Sand Lake Rd. Orlando, FL 32819. 407-930-6517


Open Hours : Mon- Sun 11 AM – 2 AM

The Whiskey restaurant in Orlando – Just named as one of the top new restaurants of 2015 in Orlando!

The Whiskey restaurant in Orlando – Join us from 11-3 & enjoy any of our burgers in a lunch-sized portion w/ your choice of our American fries, sweet potato waffle fries, or parmesan truffle fries!


The Whiskey restaurant in Orlando – The Angels Envy distiller came in and selected 3 barrels of bourbon for us to blend into our own ratio. We came up with what percentage of each we wanted for our own blend and we now sell it in the restaurant. Can’t get it anywhere else!
Friends, family, small groups, large groups, or the whole business…we can handle 20 to 150 people!

We’d love to host your party, no mess, no stress! Fully customizable menu, bar packages, or even a whiskey tasting.


The Whiskey restaurant in Orlando- Our culinary team is always striving to put out visually stunning plates while offering an elevated twist for your palate. Our hand picked whiskey collection and crafted cocktails are sure to rock your world! All gourmet offerings & libations are served with a side of Rock N Roll, smothered with exceptional customer service, and drizzled with love! Connoisseurs and foodies alike, we welcome you to The Whiskey!

Angels Envy Rye $18.50
Bear Gully $7.50
Bear Gully RSV $11.50
Bird Dog Blackberry $6.50
Bird Dog Peach $6.50
Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash $9.50
Bulleit Rye $7.50
Canadian Mist $6.50
Collingwood $10.50
Crown Royal $7.50
Crown Royal Apple $7.50
Crown Royal Rye $8.50
Crown Royal Special Reserve $14.50
Crown Royal XO $13.50
Crown Royal XR $25.50
Dickel Rye $7.50
Fireball $4.00
Gentalman Jack $8.50
High West Campfire $18.50
High West Double Rye $10.50
High West Silver $11.50
Hudson Manhatten Rye $22.50
Hudson Maple Cask $22.50
Hudson Single Malt $22.50
Hudson White Corn $16.50
Jack Daniels $5.00
Jack Daniels Honey $5.00
Jack Daniels Sinatra $25.50
Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire $5.00
Jim Beam Jacobs Ghost $6.50
Michters American $9.50
Michters Barrel Strength Rye $15.50
Michters Rye $9.50
Revel Stoked Spiced $6.50
Rock N Rye $7.50
Sam Houston $15.50
Single Barrel Jack $13.50
Stranahan’s $11.50
Templeton Rye $9.50
Tin Cup $7.50
Troy N Sons Blonde $10.50
Troy N Sons Oak $9.50
Whistle Pig Boss Hog $85.00
Whistle Pig Rye $21.50
Yellow Rose Blended $9.50
Yellow Rose Rye $11.50
Yukon Jack Wicked Hot $6.50
Yukon Jacked Apple $6.50

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