Skydive Space Center


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476 N Williams Ave, Titusville, FL 32796. Phone: 800-823-0016

Skydive Space Center

We have just been granted special permission from NASA that allows us to fly directly over the Shuttle Launch Pads, the Main Assembly Building and the Shuttle Landing Runway on our way to altitude. The only place in the World you can see this is Skydive Space Center !!This allows us to include an aerial tour of the Space Center on our 18,000 foot Jumps….Completely Free!! Take the most amazing leap of your life and view the 52 story Vehicle Assembly Building and get the free Space center aerial tour!!.


Come experience the thrill of Central Florida Skydiving over the beautiful Space Coast just a short drive from Orlando, Florida. We offer everything you need totandem jump in central florida or take our accelerated freefall training including professional skydiving video services and skydiving photo services. Experienced flyers visiting the Orlando area can take advantage of our skydiving accomodations, take one-on-one skydiving lessons, and learn of our upcoming skydiving events on the Space Coast.


We have numerous skydiving resources you’ll need to know when skydiving in Central Florida like what to wear skydiving and more in our frequently asked skydiving questions.

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