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I personally feel that if we can laugh really hard once a day, we will live at least 10 years longer. I always arrive early for my shows and set-up ahead of starting time.

What started you in magic?
This took some thinking to find the original source of my infatuation with magic… When I was about 6 or 7 years old I was visiting my Dad in North Carolina (my parents divorced when I was 2). Dad & I watched the movie Houdini with Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh. It completely captivated me! I was enthralled by the story and the the man himself – Tony Curtis did a masterful job of portraying him. Later that night my Dad got out his encyclopedia (the “H” volume) and read to me the life story of Harry Houdini that it contained. I was again captivated. So I guess all the credit for getting me started in magic goes to my Dad. Every Christmas and every birthday he’d give me a new magic trick or a puzzle of some kind which I would promptly devour. He tried his best for me but I gave him no help once I hit puberty. He and I never saw eye-to-eye on most things, but to his credit he kept trying. I have done many different things and led many different lives in the last 40+ years but I am now a Professional Magician and I am truly loving my life now.



Close-up, Sleight of hand, Cards, Coins, Levitation, Mentalism and Comedy


Birthday Parties: 1 hr. show – $100.00
This is a full hour performance

Private Parties: 1 hr. show – $100.00
This is a full hour performance

Corporate Events: 45 min. sets – $75.00 per Hr ( 2 Hr Minimum)

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