Hot Krust Panini Kitchen


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8015 Turkey Lake Rd #200, Orlando, FL 32819. Phone : 407-355-7768

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Open Hours : Mon- Fri 8:30 am – 8 pm . Sat : 10:30 am-8 Pm  Sun: Closed


Hot Krust is a Panini Sandwich Kitchen in Orlando, Florida, offering delicious panini sandwiches, salads, cookies and brownies. Our recipes call for only the freshest gourment ingredients. When you taste our fresh ingredients, you will immediately notice the difference, and will not want to go anywhere else.


The idea behind Hot Krust is really simple. Fresh made panini sandwiches using high quality products at affordable prices.
And if “fresh made” is part of Hot Krust Panini Kitchen koncept, processed meats should not be part of our panini. Therefore, the decision was made and the mission became to “Kreate” a panini using ONLY freshly roasted meats. The challenge, at first, was to make it at affordable prices. After many months of business planning and researching, the result point to only one way for Hot krust to be able to achieve its commitment to affordable prices.


All Our Meats are Freshly Roasted in House and Served on
Our Signature Tuscany Bread Offered in
White and Multigrain or GLUTEN-FREE BREAD

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