CSI: The Experience in Orlando


CSI: The Experience in Orlando  -Official Website

7220 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 . Phone: 407-226-7220

Monday through Saturday:  10:00 AM  to 9:00 PM, Sunday:  10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

CSI: The Experience in Orlando


The Experience immerses guests in hands-on science while leading them through the challenge of solving a crime mystery. Through hands-on activities featuring real equipment and multimedia presentations, guests will sample the following.

CSI: The Experience was developed by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and Bob Weis Design Island Associates with support from CBS Consumer Products, the cast and crew of the television show, and the National Science Foundation. CSI: The Experience is an immersive, interactive forensic science exhibit related to the hit TV series that invites people to use real science to solve hypothetical crimes in an exciting multimedia environment.


7220 iDrive is Orlando’s Premiere Attraction and Exhibit Facility. Become part of the CSI team as you examine the evidence to solve a crime from CBS hit television show CSI. Take as many selfies as you wish with Consumed by Art as you become one with the pictures. Challenge your mind as you look into the mind of Leonardo da Vinci.

  • No food or beverages inside the exhibit
  • No Photography, including cameras, video, or camera phones.
  • Cellular phones must be turned off in the Experience
  • Smoking is not permitted in any area of the Experience ldv1


Explore of one of the world’s most brilliant minds and discover the genius which created astounding works of art, engineering and science during the Renaissance period. The exhibition, presented by EMS Exhibits, takes you into the fascinating world of Da Vinci, where you can see and touch authentic recreations of some of his most magnificent work.

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