Cafe Tu Tu Tango


Cafe Tu Tu Tango – Official Website

8625 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819. Phone : 407-248-2222

Open Hours : Mon -Thur , Sun 11:30 Am to 11:00 PM  Fri- Sat : 11:30 Am to Midnight


The treat that you are in for at Café Tu Tu Tango is evident as soon as you walk in. Vibrantly colored walls, and an abundance of art on display. Local artists paint throughout the restaurant and display their art while patrons dine. Aromas from the kitchen mix with the sound sounds of vibrant music and sights of eclectic dancers weaving their way through the dining room. Café Tu Tu Tango evokes a time when artistsfound inspiration and community in sharing food, drink and philosophy with one another. The bohemian ethos fashioned life as a grand celebration, a feast of the senses to be shared and treasured. Together, artists found kinship over meals shared on appetizer-sized plates, over drink, music and conversation.


CAFÉ TU TU TANGO features tastes from around the world – eclectic, beautiful, and delicious – works of art in and of themselves. All plates are fresh and made with care by our team of exceptional chefs, using local ingredients. Menu items are meant to be shared, so order a few, share with each other and enjoy the culinary adventure together.


Every inch of Café Tu Tu Tango is covered with original paintings by our beloved local artists. And did you know that all art is for sale?


That is right, every original piece on our walls is for sale. If your having dinner and see a piece you can’t resist, you can purchase it right there and go home to hang it on YOUR wall. Each artist paints live in the restaurant, so on every visit you will be able to see an artist hard at work on their next masterpiece.

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